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Join our growing community of recycling professionals across North America who trust Re-TRAC Connect to track, manage, and report on waste diversion goals. Podium is our way of bringing recognition to the work of these amazing individuals and organizations.

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What is Podium

And how do I get on it?

Our newest feature, called Podium, makes it possible to showcase the success of your recycling programs, highlight your participation in state and national programs, and draw attention to awards you have won by creating a publically accessible profile using Re-TRAC Connect.

Powered by your activity in Re-TRAC Connect you can create a comprehensive profile with graphs, maps, and relatable results in minutes.

Who can use Podium?

Podium is available to anybody and everybody, from an independent business to a national organization.

As long as you are a Re-TRAC Connect user you are ready to take your place on Podium.

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